The Rolling Life of the Hills

The Rolling Life of the Hills

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lets Get Caught Up!

Here is the summray of the last few months! I know you have been on the edge of your seat waitning for an update. Ha ha! So lets get caught up! So much has happened and it seems like time has flown by! We had a great first Christmas with our baby boy! He didn't really grasp the concept of what was going on but it was fun that he was big and walking and so he could actually participate in all the celebration! He got a special truck that Mark made from scratch! He even got to "help" daddy cut down our Christmas tree! Then we had his First Birthday! We can hardly believe we have a 1 year old! He is so much fun and such a ham! It has been really fun to see his personality come out! He is stubborn (just like his daddy, he he!)We had a big birthday party at his grandma and grandpa's house! We wanted to have a party to celebrate his first year but also to say thank you to everyone who helped us get thru that first year! Some days we wondered if we would all make it out alive! But we did! Yea! And for his special birthday cake Mark made a little chocolate cake with two containers of chocolate icing! He just thought it would be sooo fun to let him dive into the all the icing! It was pretty funny and a huge mess! But hey what are first birthdays for! :) Then a couple weeks ago Broden went to his first wedding and had his first dance with a girl! It was very cute! Whats cuter than two cute kids dancing! It was adorable! And here are a few extra cute pics from along the way! Now we are getting ready for Spring and St Patricks Day and Easter! More adventures to be had!

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